Why I Will Never Respect Meghan Trainor

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Dear Meghan,

You have manipulated thousands of adolescent teenagers into a twisted ideology of positive body image, and what’s worse is that I don’t think you even know you in are in the wrong. I do believe that you have a good, kind heart- I really do. However, I believe you are grossly misinformed and confused about your own image, and because of that, you should not be a symbol of positive self-image for women of any age.

Your fame is based off of your promotion of the idea that every female is beautiful in her own way- a belief that I have as well. The difference is that I don’t promote the idea that being curvy is necessarily better than being thin. You have degraded petite females to get further on your path to fame, and further skewed the concept of “positive body image.”

Any revenue you have collected…

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Temporary Posting For Dr. Roni

Holistically Heal Hormone Imbalance

Hormones are imperative to your health and well-being. If you’re suffering from a hormone imbalance, you need to act now! An imbalance in hormones causes:hormoneimbalance

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While pharmaceuticals can be used to attempt to correct your imbalance, the best approach is an all-natural treatment that can provide the necessary hormones you need! Rather than the possible risks and side effects of traditional medications, my kit uses all natural ingredients to provide your body with the building blocks it needs to correct your hormonal imbalance.

Hormone Balance Kit

How the Kit helps you

  • Combats the symptoms of hormone imbalance
  • Stabilizes your hormones, particularly progesterone and estrogen
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Take control of your body today! Not only can you improve your way of life, but you can improve other aspects of your body as well. You don’t have to live with the uncomfortable symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Giving your body the necessary tools to correct it is as easy as clicking a button.

The hormone balance kit was just what I needed. I have suffered from hormone imbalance for years and never realized there was anything I could do about it! After just a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge change in my mood and energy levels.
-A. M.
Your kit had everything my body needed to turn my hormone problems around. I haven’t had this level of energy since I was a teenager.
-P. A.
Keep up the good work, Dr. Roni! Your hormone balance kit is perfect. I have a noticeable improvement in my health, and I’ve been happier than ever before.
-R. H.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby: 3 Pokemon Gifts!

Tight now, Pokemon is doing a great amount of gifting! With the upcoming codes, you’re able to get three Pokemon. The first two codes have already been announced, with the third likely to come next week (though that has not yet been confirmed).

The first gift was Superior, the snake Pokemon. Simply use the code POKEMON497 and you’ll get your very own! I am pretty sure they all come with hidden abilities, probably the same one. Mine had the Hidden Ability Contrary, which “makes stat changes have an opposite effect”. I cannot wait to use him in battle, though he likely won’t be a huge part of my primary team.

Art by: http://superior-serperior.deviantart.com/

The second gift, announced earlier this week, is Emboar! He’s awesome looking! I am loving his design, not to mention his Hidden Ability Reckless, which “powers up moves that have recoil damage”. He may very well be a part of my main party, since I lack a fire Pokemon and just think it’d be fun to have a piggy on my team. To get him the code is POKEMON500.

Art by: greengamerj.deviantart.com

I’ll keep you all updated on the Samurott! He is my favorite, and I love him. I cannot wait to have him once again.


The thing about writing is that it can be difficult. You need to hone your craft, and there are many different ways of doing so. For me, I occasionally have trouble changing perspectives and voices. For instance, if I need to write professionally for so long, it becomes tougher for me to write creatively after a while.

However, there are ways of learning to get through something like that, and any other issue you may face while writing or learning to write. The following is a short list of what I think helps me become a greater writer.

1. Write daily. There are so many websites that are willing to offer you prompts, and if you want, you are welcome to message me for one! I love writing prompts, especially flash fiction.

2. Read regularly. Sometimes its important to take on the role of the “consumer”. Read regularly, see what you like and what genres you would prefer to write with. Allow other’s books to inspire you!

3. Take breaks. Removing yourself can let you think in a clearer way without feeling like every idea has to become something.

I love writing. There is a challenge to it, one that presents itself when you’re least expecting it.

Fantasy Sample


The world was quiet as she walked through the thick trees, not even birds were stirring. Leaves crunched beneath her leather-clad feet, and she paused a moment to enjoy the scene. White covered the ground, coating the leaves and brances in frost. The girl hugged her coat to herself, and tilted her head back to look towards the skies as a breeze kicked up. She sighed, looping her arm through her wooden bow. A loud smashing sound startled her, and in an instant, she was up the tree, crouching on its limb, arrow cocked. She breathed in slowly, aiming down the line of the arrow, when she realized she recognized the foot steps.

“Man!” A mannish voice erupts from below. “What are you trying to do, Merks?!” A blonde haired boy stood below, shielding his eyes with his hand and looking towards the girl in her tree.

“You need to be more quiet,” she responded, easing her force on the bow string. “I almost shot you. Besides, you know that tensions are high through the lands.” She tossed her head, light purple hair flying around her. Merks smirked, shoving her arm back through her bow to allow it to rest on her back, before jumping from branch to branch. The blonde boy rolled his eyes, left hand fiddling with the dagger strapped to his belt.

“You need to be less jumpy,” he spoke softly, casting steel blue eyes towards her lithe figure. She landed nimbly on the ground, straightening to turn to him. As she stood before him, Ade grinned. She was dressed different than she would in town, having snuck off to enjoy the forest with him. However, her gear gave away her social stature.

Merks wore a simple, flowing dress that cut from the bottom to just below her breasts. It was well tailored, and a soft shade of blue. Though her stomach was bare, she wore a pair of black shorts that stopped well above her knees. The outfit was pulled together with a pair of thigh high, leather boots. She always felt at her fastest, in what she called her “archery gear”. While she was here in the forest, she was simply another human being. However, in the town, she was known as Princess Maradine, the daughter of the King of Verlaud.

In this land, the land of Verlaud, it is 809 AD and the lands are ruled by kings and queens. Verlaud and Dragnobalt had recently discovered unclaimed land between their territories, and each wished to be the one in control of it. While it was well known that Merks did not approve of this war, few were aware of the extent her disapproval went. She preferred protecting her people to growing her territory.

As Merks and Ade traversed through the forest, she kept her ears open. She knew that the woods could be dangerous, it was why she was never permitted to enter them. Of course, she never listened, but she was always careful. She halted in her steps, widening her eyes and peering about fervently.

“Did you hear that?” she asked Ade, and he shrugged. They both searched the area about them, each on the ready. Merks had her bow drawn taut, aiming the arrow’s tip in every direction she looked, while Ade gripped his daggers in hand tightly.

They heard a cry, and sounds rushing around them. And then everything went dark.

Flash Fiction: A Memory (from the perspective of my old turtle)

I was found in the road, crawling along slowly. A boy picked me up, and took me somewhere. It seemed like we were travelling particularly fast, and I still don’t understand where I was. He dropped me off at a girl’s house. They called me Yertle there, and it seemed to be something comical, but I never understood it. The girl was kind to me, she fed me lettuce and encouraged me to grow. She and her friends would play with me, watching me walk about between them and look around. A part of me wanted to leave, to be free. But it would have been too difficult, or so I thought.

But one day, the boy and the girl lifted me from my white prison, something they called a sink. They walked, hand in hand, around a big area. I could see trees, and smelled fresh air. As they continued walking, I began to smell water. I grew excited when I realized I was outside again! What was their plan? Were they toying with me further, or was I to be released?

We came to a stop, and the girl lifted me up to look me in the face. “Goodbye, little guy.” Her voice sounded sad to see me go. They had carried me out onto a fallen tree overlooking a large lake. The lake looked wonderful, but who knew what was down there? The girl stooped down, and lowered me into the water. Without even looking back, I began my trek back to the wild.

I am growing as a writer.